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The production of renewable energies is by definition variable and difficult to predict, this feature makes its use complex and problematic.


OKWind has therefore turned to the development of complete systems for renewable energy generation, which can couple the wind to the solar photovoltaic according to the needs and resources of the site concerned.


The coupling of solar and wind energy within a single energy generator already makes it possible to bring greater stability of production to the scale of the month or the year.

But the production of energy remains very variable at the scale of the day, and its use still poses problems of intermittency.


Integrating a third source of less random nature (the outdoor temperature) by adding a heat pump, allows to give more inertia to the system.


→ This is our partnership with the SANDEN group


Still in the same perspective of seeking autonomy, these variations must be compensated for by controlling certain consumption stations of the site in question.


It is through advanced systems that we will manage to regulate / optimize these different sources using artificial intelligence.


→ This is our partnership with the company UBIANT


The coupling of these sources of renewable energies makes it possible to consolidate the economic model on the one hand by obtaining very interesting return on investment times but also by introducing an important concept when one speaks about the control of the energies: the degree of autonomy energy.


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