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Ordinateur d'un ingénieur dessin avec plan de structure du tracker solaire
Entrepôt et atelier de l'entreprise

Research and development


It is all the skills, research and development expertise of OKWind that have led to the development of renewable energy generators.


These development phases have been achieved thanks to our test platforms and the support of prestigious universities and colleges, research laboratories and also leading manufacturers.


All these developments are operated through four main types of expertise :


  •     Airflow
  •     Photovoltaic
  •     Mechanical/Structure
  •     Regulation


We own a test platform that includes :


  •      An Open Jet wind tunnel (100 Kw installés)
  •     One Photovoltaic Tracker bench (Bi-axes - 5 Kwp)
  •     A multi-source regulation bench (9 Kwp)





In order to satisfy you at best and to meet a requirement of maximum quality, we made the choice to pre-assemble our products before shipment (quality assurance)


We optimize our manufacturing processes through internal improvement processes and our integrated research and development office.




Every effort is made to ensure robust installations that remain at their best level over time and with optimal performance.

Okwind applies the AMDEC (Failure Mode and Criticality Mode Analysis) method from product design and throughout its life cycle.

We develop our products according to the highest standards (EUROCODES 2014: European design standards

and calculation of structures).




2 trackers solaires en phase de montage sur mât


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