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OKWind develops expertise in the analysis of process energy consumptions


Over time, and thanks to a large number of consumer studies carried out to date in various sectors of activity (SMEs, SMIs, communities, agriculture), Okwind has been able to identify trades, applications with a technical interest in favor of self-consumption.


For example, after successive representations to dairy farmers (except those integrating on-site cheese production) processing or using robot-type equipment, it can be seen that the latter have consumption profiles that are adapted to the needs of farmers. photovoltaic self-consumption (diurnal consumption fairly stable). In addition, this profile applies to all sites equipped with cold rooms, air conditioners and other equipment operating continuously 24/7.


Once the profiles have been identified, it is important to analyze the consumption of the site (annual, monthly, daily profile), to validate the possibility of implantation of the generators (available space, shading study), to evaluate the producible of the site. system and finally its economic interest.


Photo d'un ingénieur en train de travailler sur son ordinateur avec des courbes de consommations énergétiques sur l'écran


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