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 Farm owner, you  want to reduce your energy bill to save money?  You are interested in producing and consuming your own renewable energy? Self-consumption  leads you to concrete

economic benefits and makes you an active player of the energy transition !


Stay in control

of your

electricity bills


You are not insensitive to your electricity bills, which are constantly increasing, and whose increases are not controllable?



Okwind products allow you to produce and consume your own energy through self-consumption, so you become less dependent on rising energy prices.

Strengthen your




Reducing your energy consumption will allow you to significantly reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


You become a player in sustainable environmental behavior by using your clean and profitable energy production.


You optimize the valuation of your green energy by consuming it directly at home (no loss in line linked to the distribution of electricity).



Make a worthwhile

medium term



The performances, the high efficiency and the optimal valorization of the energy produced  allow you to make profitable your equipment in the medium term, generally for a duration less than ten years.



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