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Supplied by the sun, the wind, the heat of the earth, waterfalls, tides or even the growth of plants, renewable energies generate little or no waste or polluting emissions. They contribute to the fight against the greenhouse effect and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and facilitate the reasoned management of local resources.



OKWIND has decided to focus on 2 of the most abundant and easily accessible energies.

Solar energy


Photovoltaic energy is based on the photoelectric effect to create a continuous electric current from electromagnetic radiation. This light source can be natural (sun) or artificial (a light bulb). Photovoltaic energy is captured by photovoltaic cells, an electronic component that produces electricity when exposed to light. Several cells can be connected to form a photovoltaic solar module or a photovoltaic panel. A photovoltaic installation connected to an electricity network generally consists of several photovoltaic panels, the number of which may vary from ten to several thousand.

Photo d'un lever de soleil
Photo de cerfs-volants dans un ciel bleu

Wind power


Wind energy has also been quickly exploited with windmills equipped with sail-shaped blades, such as those that can be seen in the Netherlands, or those mentioned in Don Quixote. These mills use mechanical energy to drive different equipment. The mills of the Netherlands directly operate pumps whose purpose is to dry or keep dry the polders of the country. Millers use mills to spin a millstone.

Today, wind turbines take the place of windmills. Wind turbines transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, either to inject it into a distribution network or to be used on site.



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