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The rising price of fuels and electricity has a direct and immediate impact on your business activity. Your selling prices increase because your cost increases in parallel? Direct self-consumption of the energy you produce to reduce your costs and

even increase the value of your products!


Contain the

increases in

cost of electricity

The announced increase in regulated tariffs of 5% per year provided for by the Energy Regulatory Commission until 2025 and the steady increase in taxes (CSPE and TCFE) will increase the cost of energy.


Okwind solutions allow you to gain energy independence through self-consumption. You produce and consume your own energy and so you become less dependent on price increases.




Strengthen your



Reducing fossil fuel consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are environmental impacts that need to be reduced in order to achieve a sound environmental policy.


The solutions developed by Okwind allow to fully meet these objectives!





Choose an

innovative, differentiating and performing equipment

Acquiring Okwind equipment is an outward sign of your commitment to sustainable development.


The use of renewable energies is a vector of communication, moreover, Okwind products allow you to stand out from the installations producing electricity sold to an electricity supplier.



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