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Bringing together production and energy consumption becomes possible !



  •     You have the right (in the legal sense of the term).
  •     You avoid online losses (cost of distribution & transformation).
  •     You become a citizen (no greenhouse gas emissions).
  •     You will optimize your manufacturing processes.
  •     Finally, you set for 25 years the cost of your own kilowatt hour product.


OKWind objective is to provide you with a solution of autonomy of energy of your site from 20 to 70% through our modular offer and multi sources renewable energy.


This proposed energy mix consists of 3 different sources :


  •     Solar radiation : photovoltaic tracker
  •     Winds : vertical axis wind turbine
  •      Temperature : heat pump

Why is the price of energy rising ?


Electricity prices in France remain very stable in view of the situation in the rest of Europe. The legacy of a nuclear fleet producing electricity under advantageous cost conditions largely explains this stability. However, the situation is gradually deteriorating, the costs of maintenance of the nuclear fleet is reflected in increases in taxes on the price of kWh.


A risk of increase in electricity prices in France


The future could be less favorable with prices that are expected to rise in the coming years. In November 2011, Henri Proglio, CEO of EDF, demanded an increase of 22 to 34% in electricity prices in France, spread over 10 years (2 to 3% increase per year). In February 2013, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) made a more pessimistic forecast by estimating that the increase could reach 30% between 2013 and 2017 for individuals (6% increase per year over 5 years).


The extension of the life of nuclear power plants


France's nuclear fleet is aging (23 years old) and the first plants arriving at the age of 30 undergo a complete control leading to their shutdown for 3 to 6 months. Heavy investments should extend their lifespan to at least 40 years, and perhaps 60 if everything goes as EDF would like. In February 2014, EDF estimated the cost of its "major refit" plan to 55 billion euros by 2025 for the 58 French reactors.


Power grid investments


With three billion euros of investment per year and a forecast increase of 3.8% per year in the tariff for the use of public electricity power grids (TURPE), electricity transmission and distribution grids (electricity grids) RTE and ERDF mainly) represent a fairly high part of the rise in electricity prices in the coming years.


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