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Deciding to produce and consume its own electricity to meet some of its energy needs is now possible thanks to solar energy

which is free, unlimited and inexhaustible.

2 Trackers solaires 110m²



Thanks to the two-sided cells, the backside uses reflected light and diffused light to generate electricity, in addition to the production from the front panel. The modules can thus produce from 10 to 25% additional energy than monofacial cells, depending on the circumstances.


3 trackers solaires 110m² dans un champ de maïs


of sunflower

With its bi-axis tracking on the mast, the tracker's operation is close to that of the growing sunflower, it seeks maximum radiation while remaining perpendicular to the sun's rays. This monitoring increases the production of panels by 50% or less.




Tracker solaire 110m² avec cellules bifaces

Better ventilation

of cells

Above 25 ° C, the amount of electricity produced by photovoltaic cells decreases by 0.5% each time the panel temperature increases by 1°C. Thanks to the better ventilation of the panels and their height, we avoid these yield losses with the tracker.


Tracteur qui passe sous un tracker solaire 60m²

A small space

on the ground







A solar tracker has a low footprint. In the middle of a courtyard or a field, you keep a maximum of space and can continue the usual use of your grounds. Thanks to different mast heights, you can even free a passage under the tracker for vehicle traffic.


100% sustainable energy


The sun's rays are a source of ecological energy, free and unlimited. Equipped with a tracker, you avoid the rejection of several hundred pounds of CO² for 25 years.

In addition, all our solar trackers are 100% recyclable (steel, aluminum, glass, semiconductors).

Substantial savings


By producing your own electricity, you no longer experience the constant and steady increase in the cost of kWh and the various local taxes. You guarantee a fixed kWh cost for a period of 25 years and beyond.

A higher yield of at least 65% compared to a fixed installation


Thanks to solar tracking and two-sided cells, your installation offers you an electricity production 65 to 70% higher in kWh compared to a fixed installation of equivalent power.


Courbes de production d'énergie électrique en toiture et en tracker soalire


Roof structure

Better control of your processes


The tracking gives the advantage of a better daily distribution of the production compared to the fixed installations which generate peaks of production at mid-day.

You can effectively manage your consumption and regulate hour by hour your energy consumption by adjusting your processes.

Safety proiority


The solar tracker automatically gets flat during gusts of strong winds thanks to its anemometer or during a network cutoff. You can even voluntarily put it flat with its easy access switch.

A monitoring 24 / 24h 7 / 7d


Thanks to its tracking software, you can monitor your production from your computer or your phone at any time. Thus, you know at all times the consumption of your site, your self-production rate and you can optimize your consumption for always more savings.

Low maintenance


The tracker goes flat every night. The dew or rain that comes to be deposited on the panels during the night slides in the morning and cleans them.


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