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Since 2009, OKWind has been conducting research and development (R & D) activities around the vertical axis wind turbine. Very quickly, the company is moving towards the Darrieus system.


Indeed, this design attracts more and more engineers and researchers by its development potential vis-à-vis conventional horizontal axis wind turbines :


    •      No orientation system facing the wind. A Darrieus wind turbine is voluminal and axisymmetric so the direction of the wind does not influence its operation.


    •     As a result of its volume geometry and its always optimal orientation, a Darrieus wind turbine is more efficient in turbulent winds.


    •     The vertical axis makes it possible to place the generator and a large part of the mechanics under the wing, which reduces its cost relative to horizontal axis wind turbines.


Exemples d'olienne à axe vertical
Eolienne à axe vertical exposée dans un hall

Validation test at CSTB in Nantes

OKWind conducts its research under 3 complementary angles


    •     Constant attention to scientific research The universities of Delft in the Netherlands, Padua in Italy or Sheffield in the United Kingdom are important support points for OKWind in the direction of its technological strategy.


    •     Experimental: Already more than a thousand test campaigns in the wind tunnel at CSTB Nantes or in the dedicated wind tunnel OKWind. These tests make it possible to develop the aerodynamic optimization of our machines.


    •      In parallel, we conduct tests in natural conditions over long periods. The capture of many data via sensors and their in-depth processing guarantee the constant evolution of the robustness and endurance of our systems. It is also essential to the quality of the regulation of the wind turbine.



Eolienne à axe vertical au pied d'une entreprise


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